7 Ways to Take Back Control of Your Health

Published by Dr. Charles Gemmi

A Board Certified Orthodontist and a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics, Dr. Charles Gemmi has been a practicing orthodontist with Orthodontics Limited since 2000 and is a member of the teaching staff at Einstein Medical Center. Orthodontics Limited is a Diamond+ Provider of Invisalign in Philadelphia and Hatboro, PA.

If you have been feeling run down and stressed lately and have too many aches and pains to name them all, you are probably feeling like you have lost control of your health. Don’t worry though there is always a way to take time for you. It is too important not to.

Here are 7 ways to take back control your health:

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

There is too much evidence now on the mental and physical health benefits of exercise to deny it. This doesn’t mean you have to become a gym rat or become a hardcore Pilates master, it just means you have to factor in physical activity in your daily schedule. Not only does it stimulate your metabolism and keep your weight in check, but it helps with strength and balance as you get older and as an added bonus clears the cobwebs out of your head giving you more clarity and focus. Find something that you enjoy doing whether dancing, playing a sport, or going for long walks and that will be an extra incentive to keep up with it. Once it becomes a habit your body will start to crave it. Experts recommend at least 20 minutes three or four times a week.

Get Enough Shut Eye Every Night

Lack of sleep has such a big effect on your health, but too many people find pride in being so busy that there is little time for sleep and relaxation. It is dangerous, however, to wear your lack of sleep as a badge of honor. Take a real critical look at your daily schedule and see where you can cut back on nonessential chores that don’t necessarily need to be done or enlist help from your partner and family to tackle all the things that need to be done. Also keep all electronic devices out of the bedroom so you are not tempted to scroll through Facebook just one more time.

Eat More Fruit & Veggies

When you are constantly running, it might seem like an impossible task to carve out time for prepping and cooking, but you have to make time for eating right. Always have fresh ingredients, especially fruits and veggies on hand, to whip up quick healthy snacks and meals so you are not tempted to hit the drive thru.

Maintain Strong Relationships

Your mental and emotional health is just as important as your physical health so don’t let life’s stresses keep you from connecting with family and friends. Ever notice how much better you feel after a good heart to heart with a friend or a giggling fit with your sister? Having strong relationships actually increases your life expectancy.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Your Help

We are always feeling under pressure to be Superwoman or Superman and to make all aspects of our lives perfect, but there are only 24 hours in a day. There is nothing wrong to ask for help. We all can use a little help sometime and then you can return the favor at a later time. Having a strong network of family and friends to rely on really can make a difference. It allows you to take of your own health without feeling guilty about the dishes piling up in the kitchen sink.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Meditation

Meditation has been proven to reduce stress and provide many physical and mental benefits. Just a few minutes in the morning and again before bed can let you let go of any of the negative things that happened that day and focus and be grateful for the positive things in your life.

Become the CEO of Your Own Health

If you are already experiencing serious health issues, it can be very daunting when all these doctors and specialists keep telling you different things and you don’t know what to believe. To make sure you are getting the best diagnosis and treatment, you need to become the CEO of your own health. Do your own research, stay up-to-date on the latest studies related to your condition or symptoms, ask for copies of all your lab results and don’t be afraid to get a second, or third opinion if your gut is warning you that a treatment or even diagnosis is not the best for you.

Even if you are not already dealing with a health issue right now, you still need to be the CEO of your own health. Make scheduling regular checkups a priority. You should be getting a physical every year and make sure you get all the annual testing recommended to make sure that your health stays on track.

Don’t forget to also stay up-to date with your eye exams and dental care as well. Did you know that poor oral hygiene can impact all aspects of your life? Even if you brush and floss your teeth every day, you still need to go for a cleaning every 6 months and get evaluated to make sure nothing bad is brewing in your mouth. Gum disease has been linked to heart disease and other conditions so it is definitely not something you want to ignore.

If you have an overbite or under bite or crooked teeth this can make thoroughly cleaning your mouth more difficult so consider getting orthodontic treatment. Today there are so many options now besides the traditional metal braces. You can choose Invisalign, which are clear plastic aligners that you remove to eat and drink, and brush and floss your teeth. Then there are lingual braces that are attached to the backs of your teeth in order to make them less visible as well as tooth-colored ceramic braces which are also less noticeable than metal braces.

Each treatment has its own pros and cons that you should evaluate carefully, but whatever you decide, don’t ignore your health. Your health is important and if you don’t take care of it now, you will find yourself having more serious issues down the line.

Want to learn more about how orthodontic treatment can help you take back control of your health, contact Orthodontics Limited today?


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