7 Easy Exercises to Stay Fit During the Coronavirus

stay fit during coronavirus

Looking to stay fit during the coronavirus? With everyone’s schedules tossed up in the air, it can be hard to dedicate some time to exercising. Plus, finding the motivation now may also be more difficult.

We have 7 easy exercises for you to try out at home! They do not require a long amount of time and are simple to learn. Let’s get started!

1. Take a Walk

Walking is a great exercise! It requires no equipment and walking for 30 minutes can burn between 100 to 300 calories, depending on your current weight. You can take a walk around the block or a nearby store to motivate you.

If you do not feel comfortable walking outdoors right now, you can also walk more at home. In between doing activities or work, you can dedicate 5 to 10-minute breaks to pacing around the living room. This is a great way to stretch your legs and burn a few extra calories.

2. Sit-Ups

Sit-ups are another easy exercise that requires no equipment and can be done while you are taking a short break from something else. This exercise also strengthens your core, which is great for your overall health and fitness.

You can also start adding more as you feel more comfortable. First, figure out your base- or how many sit-ups you can do before it starts to become too hard. Once you know that number, complete that many sit-ups until it becomes easy. Then the next time you do this exercise add 5 or 10 more sit-ups to your routine.

You will notice yourself feeling stronger and completing more sit-ups as the week goes by!

3. Planking

Planking is another exercise that strengthens your core and improves your health. You will want to start by holding a plank for at least 30 seconds, then slowly add more time as you feel more comfortable with it.

Even this might be too hard at first, as planking uses a lot of muscles. It can be modified to be easier, with you still receiving the same health benefits. Simply hold the plank on your knees with your legs crossed- like the modified version of a push-up.

This method still works your core but requires you to hold less of your body weight. You can use this method until you feel strong enough to complete the full version of the plank.

On the other hand, if a normal plank is too easy, you can use a footstool to elevate your back legs. This forces your core and upper body to hold more of your weight- giving you a more intense workout.

4. Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks offer a lot of benefits for your heart. They are fairly easy, and if you need to, you can also do a lower impact version by stepping out with one foot at a time.

This exercise is amazing for getting the blood flowing to all parts of your body and even has been shown to lower bad cholesterol levels. 20 seconds of jumping with 20 seconds of rest is good, although if you are already fit enough to do 30 seconds on and comfortable with pushing yourself- it will provide more benefits.

Use Your Couch for a Work Out

You can also use the couch in your living room or a dining room chair for easy exercises. If you find yourself binging TV or movies at home, you can take a break during the commercials or between episodes to get a few short exercises in.

Here are some couch exercises to stay fit during coronavirus.

5. Couch Squat

This exercise is another way to strengthen your core, but it works out your legs as well. Having a couch or chair behind you also ensures that you are performing the exercise properly.

All you need to do is stand in front of the chair with your arms extended and feet shoulder-width apart, squat down until you feel your backside touch the chair, then stand back up.

6. Couch Dips

This exercise is also known as the Tricep Dip, as it effectively works out those sections of muscles in your arms. To complete it, you place your hands behind you on the couch, about shoulder-width apart. Keep your legs stretched out in front of you and lower your arms until your elbows reach a 90-degree angle. Finally, push back up to starting position and repeat.

Do not be surprised if you can only complete a few repetitions of this exercise the first time you try it. It is great for building your upper-body strength, so simply add one or two more repetitions each time you do it.

7. Leg Raises

This one you can even do while your show is playing- since you lay down on the couch to do it. To start, lay with your back on the couch, and with your palms down, place your hands underneath your bottom.

Make sure your legs are straight and always kept together while doing this exercise. Now, simply raise your legs until they are directly up in the air, then slowly lower them back to just above the couch. Do not let them down the full way and repeat. Doing this in 30-second intervals will give you the most benefits.


All of these are easy exercises that can be performed at home to help you stay fit during the coronavirus. We recommend using them as a way to take a break from work, keep yourself occupied during commercial breaks, or mix them to create your at-home routine. No matter how you choose to combine them, these exercises can give you a great work out.

Staying home and healthy during the pandemic is important- these 7 exercises can help you stay fit and even make you stronger the more often you do them. Exercising has been linked to improving mental health, so by dedicating a few minutes a day to these routines, you are taking care of your mind as well.