Considerations If You Pull Baby Teeth

baby teeth

The viral video world has recently been taken with pulling children’s teeth. This exhibitionist behavior on the part of parents, and some older kids in the family, can lead to young children having teeth pulled that were not ready to be taken out. Part of the trouble behind this sudden craze surrounding tooth pulling, is that not many parents are aware of the right steps to take when their children start to lose their baby teeth.

Pediatric orthodontist suggestions related to the pulling of children’s teeth have changed a lot in recent years. If you have children this age who are losing their baby teeth, you probably have a lot of questions about how to handle taking care of this necessary process. It is great to ask questions so that you can be certain to handle this important part of your child’s development the right way.

Read on to learn more about the right way to help your children with the loss of their baby teeth.

Some Considerations Related to Tooth Pulling

We at Orthodontics Limited do not do much in the way of tooth pulling. We usually are not needed to assist with the normal tooth loss process. Some parents still want to help with the tooth pulling process, but there are some considerations to have in mind if you are wanting to help your child to pull their baby teeth.

  1. Dentists today usually offer the same advice: DO NOT pull your children’s teeth out. You can encourage your child to wiggle their teeth loose with their fingers or their tongue if you want to hurry the process forward. This is a better means to encourage a tooth to fall out because your child can tell how loose the tooth is and how much wiggling it can take. You should always remember that your child’s teeth will fall out on their own even if you do not do anything.
  2. If your child has gotten the tooth quite loose through wiggling it, they might be at the point where pulling it will be easy. You should use a small piece of gauze so that you can keep a hold of the tooth easily. Pull the tooth and then press the gauze against the gum until the bleeding stops. There should not be much blood if the tooth was quite loose.
  3. In some instances, the underlying permanent tooth will push the baby tooth out of the way rapidly enough to cause the baby tooth to push against the gums or the lips. If you have concerns about this situation, you should always consider a virtual orthodontic treatment appointment to get a second opinion. It is rare for things like this to be a sign of any major difficulties.
  4. On some occasions, a tooth may fall out unexpectedly and your child might eat it. The swallowed tooth is not likely to cause any kind of issues for your child. The tooth fairy may not have a bounty to pick up, but other than this bit of disappointment, the tooth should not cause any trouble. If your child should choke on their tooth, this is a medical emergency that requires a trip to the ER.
  5. If your child is complaining of tooth pain related to their loose teeth, you can try giving them a crisp apple. The apple might help them to pull out a loose tooth when they take a bite! Always remember to avoid small crispy items like baby carrots to try and solve this discomfort. It is quite likely that a tooth can be swallowed along with a small item like a baby carrot.

These tips and tricks are recommended by our office, and we always advise that you avoid pulling your child’s teeth just for the sake of a YouTube video!

When Does My Child Need to See the Orthodontist?

Around the age of 7, your child will probably have lost enough baby teeth to need to see an orthodontist. Pediatric orthodontics consultations are a necessary part of caring for your child’s teeth. These evaluations will make sure that there is no need for orthodontic intervention to correct issues with your child’s palette or their teeth that might affect their health as they get older.

It is important to consider that forgoing orthodontic care for your child can lead to complications later in life if they decide to try to correct their teeth when they are an adult. Pediatric orthodontics is the easiest route to attend to issues with the palette and the teeth, because the bones are still growing and the mouth is much more malleable when kids are young.

Palette issues, and things like cross-bites that are not corrected at a young age, can lead to a need for dental surgery later in life. The earlier that you schedule your child’s orthodontics consultation, the sooner that we can start caring for your child’s orthodontic needs.

Orthodontics Care For All Ages

At Orthodontics Unlimited, we treat children, adults, and geriatric patients. There is no age limit associated with orthodontic treatment, but those who undergo their orthodontic corrections when they are young have the best results.

Orthodontists take advantage of a child’s growing palette to help correct issues and to straighten teeth.  The sooner that you begin the orthodontic process, the less uncomfortable your child will be as they undergo corrections. Palatal expansions are much more effective at younger ages, and you can elect to do this part of the process ahead of braces if you wish.

Every patient is different and we want to serve the needs of everyone in our patient’s family. We pride ourselves on our individualized treatment plans that are created for all ages and all levels of care.

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