Helping people of all ages find their perfect smile

  • Casey Woolerton

    "My orthodontic work was finished 8 years ago and I still recommend the office to anyone and everyone. My experience was phenomenal. Dr. Gemmi (and I'm sure Dr. Middleberg, too) and the staff are excellent. In fact, I am pursuing a career in the dental field in part because of how great they are! I cannot thank them enough for how much I love my smile! Thanks!"

    - Casey W.

  • "I am definitely a more confident person since my braces came off. Its hard to believe its been over 2 years since they came off."

    - Victoria M.

  • "Dr. Gemmi and his staff are wonderful! This is my daughter Nicole with her new smile!The doctor worked hard to have her braces off in time for graduation! My older daughter went to this office also. They are the best!"

    - Theresa M.

  • Nancy Kolenkiewicz

    "Had terrific teeth over 55 years. An accident brought me to Dr. Gemmi's office. He put me back to before the accident. It's never too late. You're never too old. I chose the old fashioned wires and enjoyed every rubber band color change. Still using my retainer for best results."

    - Nancy K.

  • Michelle Fagan

    "I had braces as a teenager, and as an adult I noticed some teeth shifting . Dr. Gemmi fitted me with a retainer that I wear every night that keeps my teeth aligned . I am proud to show off my smile ! I cannot say enough words about how great Dr. Gemmi is .... always very pleasant , and does a fantastic job ! My son is now a patient too -- will hopefully be sharing his no more braces smile next year . In addition, I am a dental hygienist and treat many of the patients from Drs. Gemmi and Middleberg, and the end results are nothing short of beautiful !"

    - Michelle F.

  • Merry Carter

    "During braces and without. Thank you Dr. Middleberg for giving both of my daughters, Maddy Carter and Kenzie Carter beautiful smiles."

    - Merry C.

  • Kaylee Drummond

    "Kaylee Drummond showing off her new smile! Thank you Dr. Gemmi for giving her a beautiful smile that will last a lifetime!"

    - Kaylee D.

  • Hailey Laycock

    "Dr. Gemmi is awesome! The best staff too! My girls have beautiful smiles thanks to Dr Gemmi."

    - Hailey L.

  • Cherri Trowbridge

    "We are so grateful for Dr. Gemmi and his staff! When my son, Zach first met Dr. Gemmi, his teeth were a mess. Through the orthodontic process we discovered Zach was allergic to the nickel in the wires. Dr. Gemmi even ordered special wires for Zach. We are now finished with phase 1 and Zach's teeth look awesome!!! Thanks Dr. Gemmi for a great job! You are the best orthodontist!! We made the best decision in choosing Orthodontics Limited!! Thank you Dr. Gemmi!!"

    - Cherri T.

  • Anjelica Iby

    "Hi Dr. Middleberg! I was your patient 7 years ago! I had braces for 4 years and you made my teeth beautiful! I show them off everyday! Compliments about my teeth come from left and right and I THANK YOU! Heres a photo of me now! Best wishes! -Anjelica Iby"

    - Anjelica I.

  • Allie Small

    "Dr. Middleberg I'm so thankful for all of your amazing work with my smile!! I still get compliments even after 4 years of having my braces off! Thank you so much again!!!"

    - Allie S.

  • Tyler Bokunewicz

    "Tyler is acting and modeling thanks in part to his beautiful smile! Thanks Dr M!"

    - Tyler B.

  • "Great Orthodontist!! Everyone is so pleasant and professional!! My daughter smile is beautiful! Great job Dr Middleberg"

    - Christa P.

  • Kristin Slater

    "I love Dr. Gemmi! This is my daughter Erin after her braces. I have 4 of my kids who either were or still are patients. The staff is awesome! I can't say enough about how I love this office!"

    - Kristin S.

  • Michele Quigley

    "My children, Julia and Danny have gotten great results with Dr Middleberg.. I recommend their office to my patients, family and friends! Very professional and pleasant staff! My daughter Julia 1st and 2nd stage ortho.. Results were amazing! I love looking and my kids beautiful smiles! Thank you Dr Middleberg and staff!"

    - Michele Q.

  • Sheree Levins

    "Frankie and Sarah  had a wonderful experience and Dr. Middleberg and his staff are amazing!  No long waits and very easy to make appointments.  My children's smiles are beautiful!  Thank you for doing such a wonderful job!"

    - Sheree L.

  • Allyssa Laycock

    "Dr. Gemmi is awesome! The best staff too! My girls have beautiful smiles thanks to Dr Gemmi."

    - Allyssa L.

  • Cherie Greene

    "We chose to take our daughter to your office because we have heard so many great things about the entire staff there, such a great experience for not only our daughter but for us as her parents. From our consult to the monthly visits, to the day she got her braces off it was all so stress free. You came very highly recommended and we will continue to recommend you to everyone we know, such a fantastic experience for us. Thank you for making our daughter feel comfortable and giving her such a gorgeous smile! Patient: Keely Greene 14 Parents Sean & Cherie Greene"

    - Cherie G.

  • Julia Eisenberg and Nicole Hunn

    "My college roommate Nicole and I always get compliments on our smiles. Little did we know, we both went to the amazing Dr. Middleberg for our orthodontics. We love you Dr. Middleberg!!!!!"

    - Julia E. & Nicole H.

  • Frances Cruz

    "I am very greatful for my daughters smile. The office is great! Diamante and I thank you. My son Christopher has his retainers now and has a great smile as well. He isn't a fan of pictures though."

    - Frances C.

  • Susan Scholer

    "My daughter was Dr. Middleberg's patient for a little over a year. The office staff was always kind and accommodating. She always felt comfortable while at the office and she loved The staff. Our wait time was always minimal and easily got appointments. Thank you for this beautiful smile!"

    - Susan S.

  • Julia Bokunewicz

    "My daughter Julia also has a fabulous smile now thanks to you! The Bokunewicz kids are forever grateful?"

    - Julia B.

  • Jess Astorga

    "My smile is on the right! Since having braces with Dr. Gemmi 10 years ago, I've gone on to become a dental hygienist. My smile is a huge part of my profession! I work in pediatrics but constantly get compliments. It's definitely my best asset. Thanks to Dr. Gemmi who was AMAZING! PS. I still wear my retainers every night? my husband isn't a fan!"

    - Jess A.

  • Dr. Larry Krevitz

    "I took my two children out of another orthodontist’s office mid-treatment and brought them into this facility so their work can be completed with the type of quality and care that I insisted for my own children."

    - Dr. Larry Krevitz Dentist

  • "My granddaughter Allison was referred to Orthodontics Limited, PC by our family dentist. The appointment was in the Northeast office with Dr. Pale. From their first meeting, Allison was very comfortable with Dr. Pale. She was very self-conscious about her teeth and Dr. Pale assured her that she could have the beautiful smile she wanted. She is so thankful to Dr. Pale (as well as Drs. Gemmi and Middleberg) for giving her that beautiful smile. The office staff are so friendly and accommodating with scheduling as well."

    - Pat L.

  • "I was very pleased to be a patient of Dr. Middleberg. He explained to me very clearly and politely how I was doing with my braces/Invisalign. This orthodontist has a very peaceful and entraining waiting room and friendly employees who are here to help you."

    - Joseph A.

  • "I would like to personally Thank Dr. Harold Middleburg for doing such an outstanding job with My sons teeth! He is an amazing Orthodontist and has done many of my friends & family's children! His practice & staff is like no other!! He & Dr. Gemmi are #1!"

    - Dawn H.

  • "We love Dr.Gemmi, we love the staff. Everyone is kind and helpful. We have had nothing but positive experiences since our first appointment. What a pleasure. Stacey and family :)"

    - Stacey and Gina Berger

  • "Dr. Middleberg and his staff are wonderful! They came highly recommended to us, and we wouldn't go anywhere else."

    - CW

  • "Exceptional doctors & the assistants are extremely knowledgable, as well. I am an older patient & feel this office has been very patient with me & has done a very good job. "

    - Sandra Steinmetz

  • "Best orthodontist love how nice the works are and how nice Dr. Gemmi is and how good my teeth are looking this quick. "

    - Samantha Lombardo

  • "Dr. Middleberg is an outstanding orthodontist. I recently finished my treatment with him and I am thrilled with the result! I have a beautiful smile and people often tell me how beautiful my teeth are. Dr. Middleberg is great to work with. All of the staff at his Hatboro office are great. They are all extremely professional and very friendly. I would recommend Dr. Middleberg to anyone who wants a beautiful smile! Thank you Dr. Middleberg for everything. You are the best!"

    - Abby

  • "Excellent bedside manner, knowledgeable and great with both of my kids.  Did not try to push braces on son as he may not need them, told to wait 6 months...Many dentist would not be so honest.. Kids felt comfortable. Staff also polite."

    - Colleen D.

  • "Dr. Gemmi is an incredible orthodontist who is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and willing to answer all of your questions. The entire staff is very friendly and welcoming. I never had to wait long if at all for someone to take me and if I arrived early, they always did their best to accommodate me. I would highly recommend Orthodontics Limited to anyone. Thank you so much for doing an amazing job!"

    - Jen A.

  • "This place needs improvement and i wouldnt recommend coming here. Waste of money and time if u really want your teeth perfect. The assistants have an attitude and the doctor does not want to listen when you try to tell him hes wrong and your not happy with your smile in the end"

    - Monica

  • "Probably one of the best Orthodontists on the East Coast if not the country. My son was a patient and Dr. Gemmi did such an outstanding job, I became a patient myself. (At 45). Adults or kids Dr. Gemmi is awesome."

    - Dennis M.

  • "This was the best experience Dr. Gemmi was incredible. The staff is friendly and pleasant:) Great job. And Matt's teeth look AWESOME!!!!! Thank you so much."

    - Colleen C.

  • "Thank you to Dr. Middleberg & staff for making Brandon Shensky's smile beautiful!!"

    - Kate W.

  • "Special thanks to Dr. Gemmi for this beautiful smile and arranging it so that I could have my braces off the day before graduating from Temple University!"

    - Julie F.

  • "Dr. Gemmi is a wonderful orthodontist! When I was younger, I had such a bad overbite that it brought my entire face down. Now with my brand new smile, I feel more confident and happier than I ever have!"

    - Caitlin

  • "Both of my daughters had their orthodontic work done by Dr. Middleberg.  He's so great with teenagers.  He relates well to them and doesn't talk down to them.  He explains what they need to do and somehow he gets them to listen about wearing rubber bands, retainers, etc.  My girls never gave me a hard time about going to their appointments with Dr. Middleberg and actually looked forward to them.  There isn't anything negative I can say about the practice.  The office staff, cleanliness of the facility, availability of appointments - it was all great.  The office is very accommodating.  They have evening and Saturday appointments and they get you in and out on schedule.  I don't think I've ever waited more than 5 minutes to be seen by the doctor.  They have a very interactive website that lets you keep track of appointments, pay online, etc.  Both the office locations are easy to get to and convenient. My youngest daughter in now in her retainer phase, so we won't be seeing Dr. Middleberg for much longer, but I'm very thankful for the wonderful job he did.  Both of my daughters have absolutely beautiful smiles.  I'd recommend Dr. Middleberg without question."

    - Angie’s List Review

  • "I am never one to smile in pictures because of my teeth and have always wanted to do something about it but thought because of my age it might be silly to do it now. But after some convincing I went to see Dr. Gemmi who was referred to me and I have to say, I was Impressed with the amount of time he spent with me and made me feel very comfortable. I decided to go ahead with braces, and although I am in the early stages, I am so happy to have done it. The office staff is always so nice and the financing options are great. I would definitely recommended this practice!"

    - R.G. from Yelp

  • "Dr. Middleberg is THE best! I walk in his office and feel like family...What a concept!"

    - Tonia (Blog Post)

  • "With my daughters, Dr. Gemmi took on 2 very difficult cases. Each child had to overcome both personal and orthodontic obstacles, and the end is finally in sight. There are no words to express how grateful we are, and how impressed we are with his knowledge, skill and compassion. We are amazed at the transformation you have made in my daughters smiles…and their lives!! Thank YOU!!"

    - Cynthia (Blog Post)

  • "Absolutely loved Dr. Gemmi. He was awesome and was the best orthodontist ever. He was kind,caring and sweet."

    - Courtney (Facebook)

  • "I couldn't recommend Dr. Gemmi enough! Not only did they do an absolutely amazing job on my grown-up-set-in-their-ways teeth, but every visit was enjoyable. You aren't treated like a patient or a number. You're never rushed or made to feel like cattle. I always felt like I had personal assistance. I've had my braces off for a couple of months now and still revel in the knowledge that they are my 'new' teeth! I had some comfort issues with my traditional retainer and was just switched to the new Invisalign retainer. I LOVE it! Hardly notice it's there. Thank you so much! You are a smile Master! :)"

    - Melannie (Facebook)

  • "My daughter had Dr.Middleberg about 15 yrs ago as her ortho...He was the best"

    - Elizabeth (Facebook)

  • "You are miracle workers ! Our son has an amazing smile thanks to you!! Special thanks to Dr. Middleberg who was wonderful time after time !"

    - Marsha (Facebook)

  • " I visit Dr. Gemmis' Northeast facility and was pleasantly surprised at the cost viability of orthodontics as an adult. Dr. Gemmi took the time to review all treatment options along with financing options. The waiting area is very comfortable and offers videogames, magazines, and tv options. The staff is very friendly and can always be counted on for respectful and courteous service. Treatment has gone very well with minimal discomfort and surprisingly only one brace ever came loose during treatment time! Would highly recommend Dr. Gemmi to friends and family."

    - Dr. Oogle User Review

  • "I take my son to Dr. Gemmi's office in the Northeast. He is very good at what he does and with children. My son was very nervous about getting braces and frankly, so was I. Dr. Gemmi walks you through from start to finish and leaves no stone unturned. I was allowed to sit in the treatment room with my son as he was getting his braces on, which made a huge difference to my son. What I really like though, is that Dr. Gemmi addresses my son , not me. Too often, children are looked over when it comes to their care. Most doctors I have encountered direct questions/comments/etc. to the parents, not the kids. I think it's important to have the child involved completely from the beginning so they know they are taken seriously and so are their fears. I give Dr. Gemmi and his office in Northeast Philadelphia a great big thank you and thumbs up!!!"

    - Dr. Oogle User Review

  • "Dr. gemmi is a terrific orthodontist. he is very pleasant to speak with and does not rush you out the door. he takes time to answer all questions. my son is very happy with him also!!"

    - Dr. Oogle User Review

  • "Dr. Middleberg did an amazing job on my daughters teeth. The staff is amazing !!!"

    - Ellen (Facebook)

  • "Both doctors are incredible. I miss going there. They r the nicest and sweetest people i have ever met."

    - Nicole (Facebook)

  • "Wow! Cannot believe how outstanding my teeth look, with just 2 years of braces I am super excited to be getting them off on February 28th! I couldn’t have asked for a better doctor. The staff and crew is amazing and very nice! I feel like I am home when I go to my appointment! I highly recommend this dental company!"

    - Ethan (Facebook)