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Orthodontics Limited is an Orthodontist with offices located in Philadelphia, PA and Hatboro, PA. We specialize in Braces, Invisalign, and Invisalign Teen. Here are some resources to help guide your research.

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Pat L.

My granddaughter Allison was referred to Orthodontics Limited, PC by our family dentist. The appointment was in the Northeast office with Dr. Pale....

Dr. Charles Gemmi in

Joseph A.

I was very pleased to be a patient of Dr. Middleberg. He explained to me very clearly and politely how I was doing with my braces/Invisalign. This...

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Free Orthodontist Exam

Dawn H.

I would like to personally Thank Dr. Harold Middleburg for doing such an outstanding job with My sons teeth! He is an amazing Orthodontist and has...

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Casey Woolerton

Casey W.

My orthodontic work was finished 8 years ago and I still recommend the office to anyone and everyone. My experience was phenomenal. Dr. Gemmi (and...

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Invisalign Guide

A woman in a black tank top is smiling at the camera.

Victoria M.

I am definitely a more confident person since my braces came off. Its hard to believe its been over 2 years since they came...

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A young girl in a blue uniform standing in front of a brick wall.

Theresa M.

Dr. Gemmi and his staff are wonderful! This is my daughter Nicole with her new smile!The doctor worked hard to have her braces off in time for...

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Nancy Kolenkiewicz

Nancy K.

Had terrific teeth over 55 years. An accident brought me to Dr. Gemmi's office. He put me back to before the accident. It's never too late. You're...

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Michelle Fagan

Michelle F.

I had braces as a teenager, and as an adult I noticed some teeth shifting . Dr. Gemmi fitted me with a retainer that I wear every night that keeps my...

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Merry Carter

Merry C.

During braces and without. Thank you Dr. Middleberg for giving both of my daughters, Maddy Carter and Kenzie Carter beautiful...

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Kaylee Drummond

Kaylee D.

Kaylee Drummond showing off her new smile! Thank you Dr. Gemmi for giving her a beautiful smile that will last a...

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Hailey Laycock

Hailey L.

Dr. Gemmi is awesome! The best staff too! My girls have beautiful smiles thanks to Dr...

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Cherri Trowbridge

Cherri T.

We are so grateful for Dr. Gemmi and his staff! When my son, Zach first met Dr. Gemmi, his teeth were a mess. Through the orthodontic process we...

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Anjelica Iby

Anjelica I.

Hi Dr. Middleberg! I was your patient 7 years ago! I had braces for 4 years and you made my teeth beautiful! I show them off everyday! Compliments...

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Allie Small

Allie S.

Dr. Middleberg I'm so thankful for all of your amazing work with my smile!! I still get compliments even after 4 years of having my braces off! Thank...

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Tyler Bokunewicz

Tyler B.

Tyler is acting and modeling thanks in part to his beautiful smile! Thanks Dr...

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A young woman smiling in front of a house.

Christa P.

Great Orthodontist!! Everyone is so pleasant and professional!! My daughter smile is beautiful! Great job Dr...

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