5 Reasons to Take Your Child to a Pediatric Orthodontist

pediatric orthodontist

Whenever you have a child, and it is time to see the dentist, you will wonder. Should I go see my regular family dentist, or have a pediatric dentist look at my child. While it might seem more cost effective to go with a family dentist plan, we want to make sure that your child is given the best treatment. The kind only a pediatric orthodontist can provide.

There are several reasons you should take your child to see a pediatric orthodontist, and here are some of the best reasons to go and see one.

1. Specialized Care

The first major difference between the pediatric orthodontist and regular family dentist is that a pediatric orthodontist will give specialized care for your child. They are not only trained to work with smaller mouths and have the tools to do so, but they can also work with kids of all ages.

Whether you have a five year old kid who loves the dentist or a fourteen year old kid who might be a little nervous, a pediatric orthodontist can make sure they are good to go whenever you bring them to the dentist’s office. They know how to keep children calm and the environment isn’t enough to make them nervous.

For younger kids, what is inside a dentist’s waiting room for them to play with? Maybe a few used toys and old picture books, but nothing super fun. However, most pediatric dentist offices look like playgrounds! They have toys, books, and colorful art on the walls to keep your child’s attention.

Most offices also give away toys and lollipops at the end of the visits and an extra treat if the child has no cavities. Every part of the office is designed to draw a kid’s attention and put them at ease, so they will not have any nerves about coming to see us. If they need to see a kid’s orthodontist, then look for a pediatric dentist.

2. They Can Treat Developing Teeth

Dealing with growing teeth and gums is a field of dentistry all on its own, and every pediatric dentist is trained specifically to deal with growing teeth and gums. They know exactly how to treat developing teeth and the problems that arise because of developing teeth. The pediatric dentists will be able to help with decay and cavities on smaller teeth.

Plus, in the case that an intense dental procedure is needed a pediatric dentist is also licensed to sedate your child. This can be very helpful, and the dentists can perform all sorts of sedation procedures.

3. Looking At Your Unique Child

A pediatric dentist knows that every single child is different and unique. Some kids love the dentist, others hate the dentist, some kids want to get information about everything that is happening for them, and others just want to get it all over with.

Depending on the child, the pediatric dentist is able to customize the dental care for every single patient that walks through their doors. If your child doesn’t like having strange items inside their mouths, then the dentist will explain what each tool does and how it will feel in the mouth. The dentists always speak calmly and they make sure your child is as comfortable as possible before working on their teeth.

If your child likes to know a lot about the facts of dentistry, not just knowing that they have to brush their teeth, but also why, most pediatric dentists are very happy to explain dentistry. No matter what your child brings to the dentist chair, a pediatric dentist will get to know them.

4. Smaller Equipment

No child should have to suffer through the unique pain of having too big tools going into their small mouths. At a regular dentist that is what will happen because most family dentists don’t have the best tools to take care of tiny mouths. A dentist will have lots of different tools that will take care of everyone. However, the pediatric dentist will only have the diminutive dental equipment that will work for a child.

Every single treatment, such as getting invisalign for kids, will be performed with small sized equipment, and in some cases the dentist will bring one dental instrument at a time to your child. Introducing each tool to your child allows for your child to get more and more comfortable with being in the dental chair. We want your child to be comfortable no matter what, even during the procedure,

5. A Kid’s Orthodontist Knows How To Communicate with Parents

Finally, dealing with the parents of children who have dental issues can be a hassle, but a pediatric dentist can easily calm the parents down and help them understand how to take care of their children’s teeth. Pediatric dentists don’t just tell you to have your children brush their teeth and that’s it.

Instead they will share with you ways to make your children really enjoy brushing their teeth, that way dental hygiene isn’t a fight with your child. They can share tips such as using flavored toothpaste, making music a part of dentistry, and other things. The more you can get your children to enjoy using toothbrushes and keeping their teeth clean, the more they can start working on their health.

Booking Your Child With A Pediatric Dentist

Going to see a pediatric dentist just takes some booking. You just need to take your child to the office and one of the first things any good Pediatric dentist will do is greet your child. They want to know what type of person that your child is, so that they can better help your child grow and become comfortable in the dentist chair at our braces Center City Philadelphia. If you want your child to grow to enjoy coming to the dentist, finding a good pediatric dentist that they like is crucial. Don’t be afraid to shop around, but once you strike up a relationship with the right pediatric dentist, then you won’t have to worry as a parent. Your child will be just fine!