How Orthodontics Limited Keeps You Safe With Virtual Orthodontic Treatment

virtual orthodontic treatment

Our virtual orthodontics treatment can keep you safe during these uncertain times. We also have a few different options for you! So that you can stay home while still getting a check-up or come in through our virtual check-in, so that you do not come into contact with any strangers during your visit.

So, how exactly does Orthodontics Limited keep you safe with virtual orthodontic treatments? Keep reading to find out!

You Can Stay Home for a Simple Check-Up

A virtual check-up is an easy process and allows you to stay home while we come up with a virtual orthodontic treatment for you. The steps are simple and can be completed as soon as you decide you want to go through with a treatment.

All we need from you are pictures of your mouth and teeth at 8 different angles. Then you should fill out the form on our webpage. We will review the photos and then let you know what treatment options will be available to you- all done without you having to come into our office!

Our virtual orthodontic appointments keep you at home- and therefore keep you safe. By completing the basic check-ups from home, you are taking less of a risk and protecting yourself and others. The COVID-19 virus is most commonly spread in crowded areas, so by staying home you are avoiding any unnecessary risks, and keeping our common areas open.

We may send you materials in the mail, so that you can continue to stay home. For example, we might be able to give you more information on your current treatment or send you aligners designed for your teeth through the mail. It all depends on your unique situation and treatment method.

We may also ask when would be a good time to call you over the phone or ask to set up a video call. These are both ways to communicate with patients outside of the office and give a way for our staff to not have to see you in person- meaning that you can stay safe in your home.

Sometimes, hearing the specialist explain your treatment options, instead of reading the description over email, makes it feel more real, and is easier for the patient to understand.

If we notice a severe problem with your teeth after this virtual orthodontic appointment, we will ask you to come in to see us, so that we may correct it. We use a virtual system that keeps you safe.

Virtual Check-In for Appointments

On the off chance that you do need to come in to finish your virtual orthodontic treatment, you will need to go through our virtual check-in process to enter the building. The process is simple and ensures that you are the only person in the waiting room during your visit.

The fewer strangers that you come into contact with while you are out of the house, the lower your chance of becoming sick is. By using our virtual check-in, we can assure that patients from different households never come into contact with one another.

All we ask is that you send us a text message or call in when you arrive in the parking lot by our office. Once we know that you are here, we can check you in and will only ask you to enter the building once we are sure that the other patient has made it to their car.

Once you enter, we will have you fill out a quick health questionnaire and take your temperature. Our staff regularly go through both of these measures multiple times during the day and we send home any team member who may be sick- that you can be assured that our entire staff is healthy.

Our Specialists Use Protective Equipment and Supplies

Our Philadelphia orthodontics specialists use protective equipment to ensure that they stay healthy and are sterilized while giving you a treatment inside of your mouth. All of the cleaning products that we use are up to the CDC’s standards for preventing the transmission of viruses- so that you know you are safe when you come to visit.

All of our staff members are also required to check their temperatures during the day. If anyone is found to be over 100 F, they would be sent home and the areas where they worked that day would be thoroughly sterilized before any patient would come near it.

Virtual Orthodontic Treatment is Efficient

You might be worried about effective that virtual orthodontic treatment is. But, there is no reason to stress over it- Orthodontics Limited has prepared extremely safe conditions and perfected our virtual treatment plans.

We understand why you are concerned. Do not be afraid to contact us with any questions about virtual treatment that you have, or other questions about our virtual check-in system.

The internet brings people closer together nowadays more than it has ever before- the technology makes it easier to communicate and inform our patients of treatment options. Our virtual orthodontic appointments can be completed from the comfort of your home, plus if you do have to visit our office, we follow all the guidelines the CDC has set to ensure that our patients stay healthy.

Our specialists have been trained extensively and know how to properly use the virtual orthodontic treatment technology- meaning that you do not need to worry about there being any mishaps during your appointment.


At Orthodontics Limited we are going above and beyond what the CDC recommends– you can be sure that our virtual orthodontic treatment will keep you safe, as well as our virtual check-in, and other cleaning measures.

In short, you can feel comfortable as our patient during these uncertain times. We want to continue to provide you with the best orthodontics care available, so be sure to call or email us today. We would love to hear from you again and get you back on track with your orthodontics treatment- your smile will thank you!