What Is Invisalign G6 and Why Is It Better?

Invisalign G6

Straight teeth are not the only concern for a pretty smile, and braces are not the only solution. Since 1997, Align Technology has provided clear aligning solutions as an alternative to the traditional wire braces.

Over the years, they have helped hundreds of thousands of adults and teenagers alike attain the smiles they want. As technology progressed, so have their treatment options. Align has evolved from simple tooth movement aids to systems that help much more complicated orthodontic issues. With Invisalign G6, the current version of the Invisalign brand of products, orthodontists can treat with greater confidence and attain much more positive outcomes.

What Exactly Does Invisalign G6 Treat?

One of their latest innovations is the Invisalign G6, a system designed to help with an issue known as bimaxillary protrusion. Bimaxillary protrusion is a condition where there is a significant bulge on both the top and bottom jaw. It is also known as double protrusion.  Essentially, there are too many teeth and not enough mouth, causing a significant protuberance in a person’s face.

Problems like bimaxillary protrusion, as well as overcrowding, are typically solved by extracting teeth. In most cases, the tooth removed is the first premolar, also known as the first bicuspid. Typically, these teeth are able to be removed without future damage to both aesthetics and function. It is a delicate procedure requiring precision and accuracy.

The InvisalignG6 system aids with both the first premolar extraction process and to carefully close the gaps that are left behind. This is Align’s premier first premolar extraction solution. It is specifically engineered to improve the outcome of the procedure. This system features vertical control that assists with alignment as well as root parallelism, meaning the repositioned teeth will stay securely in their place.  A large part of the InvisalignG6’s success comes from its SmartForce features and SmartStage technology.

What Makes InvisalignG6 So Great?

The two main SmartForce features are the Optimized Retraction Attachment (ORA) system and the Optimized Anchorage Attachments (OAA). The Optimized Retraction Attachment is designed to work with SmartStage technology in providing efficient and precise movements during canine retraction.

Optimized Anchorage Attachments help provide maximum anchorage. When referring to orthodontics, anchorage is the resistance to unwanted tooth movement. If enough force is applied during a tooth extraction, it can cause the other teeth to move in ways the dentist does not want. The OAA help keep the teeth in place, while still allowing for up to 2mm of movement if desired.

InvisalignG6’s SmartStage technology contains Aligner Activations that program and predicts tooth movements to guide the patient’s teeth into their optimum position. This also help to will avoid any unwanted tilting of the teeth and jaw as well as prevent any of the other teeth from protruding uncomfortably into the back of the patient’s jaw during and after the extraction procedure. Essentially it is to ensure that everything stays steady and lines up as it should. The SmartStage technology utilizes Align’s expertise and experience with their over 2.8 million Invisalign patient treatments.

For patients, this means they can undergo the procedure knowing that their orthodontist has the technology to ensure a smooth and easy extraction and recovery. For orthodontists, they can operate on their patients with the knowledge that they are providing the best possible care.

ClinCheck Pro Gives Even More Control

Not only does the Invisalign G6 solution come with the SmartStage and SmartForce systems, also included is the ClinCheck Pro with 3D Controls. ClinCheck Pro is a program that provides practitioners with precise control over the teeth’s final position in the patient’s mouth. Modifications are shown in real time and in 3D.The doctor can make adjustments and revisions using the 3D Controls, and then they can visualize those effects, make text notations, or both in order to communicate with the technicians.

ClinCheck Pro becomes essentially an extension of the doctor’s thoughts. It comes with new and improved features like photos, dual view, and superimposition. There are also a number of video tutorials provided in order to help educate the user through its new features and how they can be applied.

So What?

The Invisalign G6 first premolar extraction solution has a lot of benefits. These benefits provide increased precision and accuracy when fixing overcrowding and bimaxillary protrusion. Bimaxillary protrusion creates an unpleasant facial bulge and poses other health risks to patients. Invisalign G6 has SmartForce features and SmartStage technology and these systems help to give control over the movement of the teeth during the procedure. This is especially important during these kinds of extractions. Orthodontists want to make sure that it proceeds as smoothly as possible, and patients want the same. This system helps both parties. The back teeth are secured using the Optimized Anchorage Attachments and the movement is controlled with the Optimized Reaction Attachment.

Combining all of these innovations leads to happy patients with the smiles they long for.

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