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Published by Dr. Charles Gemmi

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If you’re interested in getting invisalign in Philadelphia, you’re in the right place. One of the most commonly asked questions dentists get is if their patient is a good candidate for invisalign. Though it’s been around for quite awhile, invisalign has changed a lot throughout the years.

Nearly everyone that’s interested in invisalign is approved, but not everybody. We wanted to share with you what exactly invisalign is, who is a great candidate for invisalign in Philadelphia and who isn’t!

Whether you have a few cosmetic issues you’d like fixed, or you have some serious crowding, invisalign may be a great option for you. Let’s discuss a bit more about what exactly it is and how it works.

What is Invisalign

Most people are aware of what braces are and that they help thousands of people with their oral health. Invisalign braces are a way you can get straight and aligned teeth, without the use of braces. It starts out as a clear tray that is molded to your unique teeth structure.

The aligners are removable and are practically invisible, we’ll talk more about why this is important later! Even though they’re aligners, you’re still able to eat and drink as you normally would. You can also keep up your brushing and flossing regime to make sure your gums and teeth are staying as healthy as possible.

Gone are the days of having metal and wires in your mouth, making you even more self conscious of your smile.

How Does Invisalign Work?

If you’re considering getting your braces in Philadelphia, you may want to know how invisalign works first! Once you talk with your dentist and get fitted for the aligners, you’ll want to wear each set for around two weeks straight.

When you do this, you want to make sure you take them out to do things like brush your teeth, floss, eat and drink. They should be kept in at all times besides those tasks. Every week you have the aligners in, your teeth will be moving at a slow pace.

You then have to visit your dentist or orthodontist once every six to eight weeks. This helps to make sure that everything is on track and changes can be made if needed. Invisalign braces usually take between six and 15 months to work, and the average age range for users is between 12 and 30 years old.

Who is a Great Candidate

So are you a great candidate for invisalign in Center City? As you read earlier, the majority of people get approved for the aligners, but some do not. We wanted to share with you who is and isn’t a great candidate to give you a better idea if this treatment will work for you.

People Who Want Something Invisible

As you can tell by the name and description, invisalign is an invisible-like option for braces. Many people don’t like the look of traditional braces and it can often make people more self conscious. Invisalign makes it so your teeth can get straightened without it being noticeable.

People Who Want a Removable Option

While invisalign braces should be left in the majority of the time, unlike traditional braces, you’re able to remove them to brush your teeth, floss and eat. Brushing your teeth can be difficult with regular braces, and it can be hard to floss correctly.

On that same note, it is much easier to get food stuck in traditional braces, which can lead to health issues if not removed or addressed in a timely fashion.

People Who Want a Shorter Treatment

Another amazing thing about invisalign is how short it takes for the average patient. It is a great option for people wanting a shorter treatment than traditional braces. Metal braces can take an average of two years to straighten and align your teeth to give you a beautiful smile.

Invisalign takes between six and 15 months, depending on the individual. If you’re someone looking for a shorter term option, you may be a great candidate for invisalign!

What Invisalign Can Fix?

Now that you’re aware of what it is and who may want to try invisalign, what can it do for you? Well, the aligners can fix multiple things including but not limited to, gaps, overbites, crowding, straightening and underbites.

Who Shouldn’t Get Invisalign

You’ve read that some people may not be great candidates for invisalign. There are a handful of things that may disqualify you from being approved, but these are also things that would disqualify you from traditional braces.

For starters, you can’t have any unfilled cavities. If you do, you have to get them assessed and filled before moving forward. You also can’t have any active gum disease. If you’ve already been treated and have healthy gums, you’ll likely still be approved, but if the disease is active or you have any loose teeth, your dentist may not be comfortable giving you braces.

There are a handful of things that can make getting invisalign harder, but may not completely disqualify you. For example, if you have dental implants that won’t move with invisalign, depending on the location in your mouth, you may not qualify.

If you have any TMJ issues, or bridges that are long, you may want to talk with your dentist about other options.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that the majority of people are wonderful candidates for Invisalign in Philadelphia. While there are a handful of things that may disqualify you, you’re always welcome to get a second opinion or even a third if necessary. Aligners are amazing alternatives to traditional braces and take much less time to work. People from all ages and lifestyles use invisalign, so why not you too?

If you’re in Pennsylvania and are looking for a great place to get your invisalign consultation, we’d love to help. We are one of the top providers for invisalign and would love to work with you. We look forward to hearing from you!

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