5 Famous Actors Who Had Braces

actors who had braces

Even though they are probably one of the best ways to receive life-changing, reliable and remarkable orthodontic care, a lot of people are afraid of braces. There is a stigma attached to them that scares a lot of patients away from getting braces, even when they are justly needed in their mouths.

Some people think braces make you look young like a teenager, others think they look awkward. Others think they mess with the way you speak and are unflattering. But not enough emphasis is put on the fact that braces almost always do their jobs so, so well. In fact, there are few better ways to straighten, strengthen, and correct the look and feel of your mouth. Braces have been improving smiles and lives for generations now. If you ask all of the orthodontic experts in the world, they will all agree that braces are key to making your smile shine the way it was supposed to.

There should be no shame in getting braces. There is nothing wrong with it and it is actually a sign that you are taking your health seriously and doing what it takes to improve your future and the future of your mouth and smile and teeth. Instead of ridiculing people who wear braces, we should be celebrating them. Plus, there are many vastly successful icons who have had braces or orthodontic removable appliances to straighten their teeth. There are a lot of actors who had braces in Hollywood, even if you don’t know all of them.

That’s right, some of Hollywood’s biggest stars have used braces to straighten and correct their smiles. Perhaps if more people know that some of the largest names in the entertainment industry they wouldn’t be so frightened by braces. If these people can wear them and remain successful and famous, everyone should welcome braces. Here is a short list of just some of the actors who had braces.

Emma Watson

She’s best known as Hermoine from the Harry Potter movies but did you know that Emma Watson also wore braces for a while too? It’s true. In 2005, Watson had braces installed to straighten her teeth and boost her confidence. Since she is one of the biggest stars in the world, Watson had to schedule the braces to be put in between filming the third and fourth film in the wildly successful Harry Potter series. Although she is well-acquainted with wizards and spells, nothing has ever been more magical than the impact braces had on Watson’s smile.

Dakota Fanning

Dakota Fanning is considered one of the best young performers of her generation. She first rose to fame in the film I Am Sam but then later starred in War of the Worlds,  Charlotte’s Web and The Twilight Saga. She is easily one of the best known actresses of her time and she says she owes some of that to her time using braces. Not only did she have her baby teeth when her adult teeth began to come in, Fanning then received braces, expanders, and headgear. She went all-in to correct her smile and make it look like a million dollars. There’s no wonder that her smile is now one of the most famous ones around.

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage is one of the most versatile and accomplished actors around. He has been nominated for numerous awards and his films have made billions of dollars. Did you know that he used braces at a young age? It’s true. The flamboyant and eclectic actors had teeth pulled back in 1984 and then received multiple orthodontic procedures after that, including braces and veneers. After months and years perfecting his look, Cage now has one of the brightest, most remarkable smiles in all of Hollywood – and it’s all thanks to braces.

Tom Cruise

Easily one of the most successful and famous stars in the history of the movie industry, Tom Cruise also used braces to straighten his smile and raise his star power. Cruise has made no secret of the fact that he used to have a gap in his teeth when he first started spending time on the big screen. That was soon changed thanks to a combination of braces and veneers. Although we have known Cruise to have a straight smile for decades now, his time with removable appliances hasn’t ended. In fact, just a few years ago Cruise elected to get a pair of Invisalign aligners to keep his teeth straight. He’s an actor who knows that you’re never done taking care of your teeth.

Gwen Stefani

Accomplished singer, performer and television personality Gwen Stefani was just a teenager when she first came on the scene in the early 1990s. Her band, No Doubt, was one of the biggest success stories of the decade and Stefani immediately became one of the biggest names in music and all of Hollywood. It wasn’t until a few years later, in 1999, that Stefani decided to correct her smile and straighten out her teeth after years of being uncomfortable with her smile. Stefani showed that it’s never too late to get braces to straighten your smile. Even at 30 years old, Stefani welcomed her braces and the results were wonderful.

Braces are nothing to be afraid of. They won’t hold you back from looking cool or being popular or well-liked. They also won’t hold you back from being a major success, as the stories above prove. If Tom Cruise can wear braces, you can wear braces. If Gwen Stefani can have braces and still be one of the coolest people on Earth, so can you. These actors who had braces prove that you can have them and still be hip, fashionable, and cool.

The only thing that braces prevent is a life of crooked teeth and awkward oral health issues. Not using braces when you need them can create discomfort, pain, and even infection. It isn’t just about how your teeth look, it’s about how they function as well. There is a reason why so many people sing the praises of braces and why it remains one of the most popular orthodontic services around. Braces really work and you don’t have to be a Hollywood A-lister to know that.