Looking For Braces in Philadelphia? Here is Why You Should Consider Us

Braces in Philadelphia

Whether you are an adult looking for braces or are looking for orthodontic care for your child or teen, Orthodontics Limited should be your first choice for an orthodontist in Philadelphia. Our first-class care provides a first-class smile so schedule an appointment today with one of our board-certified orthodontics specialists.

Our Services

At Orthodontics Limited we provide the full range of orthodontic care from braces and dental scans to Invisalign and Invisalign Teen. We have been rated as the Diamond Top Invisalign provider two years running and several publications such as Philadelphia Magazine have ranked the quality of our services as in the top 1% of dental providers in the entire Philadelphia area.


Our state of the art accelerated orthodontics service leverages 3 states of the art technologies to help “accelerate” Your orthodontic treatment. Our PROPEL system uses a treatment known as AlveocentesisTM to stimulate bone growth in order to better retains changes in teeth alignment. This process results in a novel wat to finish treatment faster while retaining the same quality results.


Our signature AcceleDent Systems add gentle micro-vibrations that accelerate bone remodeling, leading to a clean and straight smile faster than traditional methods.

iTero Scanner

Orthodontics Limited’s iTero scanner is a revolutionary way to make dental impressions using thousands of laser points per second. No more yucky tasting impression material squeezed in your mouth. The iTero scanner allows our doctors to take an extremely accurate picture of the inside of your mouth using nothing but the power of light itself.


Orthodontics Limited is recognized as one of the top choices for Invisalign providers in Philadelphia. We are the only Diamond+ Invisalign Orthodontist in Philadelphia and have been awarded as Invisalign Top % Elite Providers for 5 years straight, meaning our doctors are among the top Invisalign specialists in the entire world. With Invisalign, you can achieve a straight smile with a discreet and easy procedure.


Orthodontic Limited is also the top provider for braces in Philadelphia. Our doctors are among only 40% of orthodontists that are certified by the American Board of Orthodontists and excel at the application and maintenance of braces. If you are looking for braces in Center City, Philadelphia, make Orthodontics Limited your top choice.

Our Doctors

Another reason to choose Orthodontic Limited is our team of professional board-certified doctors. Each of our doctors has over 15+ years of individual experience and are all certified by the American Board of Orthodontics, a recognition bestowed on only 40% of orthodontists. Board-certified orthodontists have reached a distinct level of accomplishment that goes far beyond state licensure and they uphold the highest standards of the profession. All of our doctors have years of experience providing excellent one-on-one care to their patients.

Dr. Kathleen Pale

Dr. Kathleen Pale received her doctoral degree in Dental Medicine at Midwestern University College. After completing her degree, she completed a three-year residency in orthodontics at the Albert Einstein Medical Center. Dr. Pale is an involved member of the American Association of Orthodontics, the Greater Philadelphia Society of Orthodontists, and the American Dental Association. Along with her work at Orthodontic Limited, Dr. Pale is on staff and teaches at Albert Einstein Medical Center, where she passes on her knowledge to future generations of orthodontists.

Dr. Charles Gemmi

Dr. Charles Gemmi received his doctoral degree in Dental Medicine from Temple University School of Dentistry and afterward completed his orthodontist residency at Albert Einstein Medical Center. Dr. Gemmi has been a practicing orthodontist in Philadelphia since 2000. He is a diplomat of the American Board of Orthodontics and also a member of the teaching staff at Albert Einstein Medical Center. Dr. Gemmi has received numerous awards during his tenure as an orthodontist and also volunteers his time to educating local children on proper dental hygiene.

Dr. Harold Middleberg

Dr. Harold Middleberg received his doctorate in Dental Medicine at the Temple University School of Dentistry and completed his orthodontics residency at Albert Einstein Medical Center, where he is currently on the teaching staff. Dr. Middleberg has been providing orthodontic care for over 30 years and is currently serving as a Governor of the Philadelphia County Dental Society.he is also an active member of the American Association of Orthodontists, The World Federation of Orthodontists, and several other groups.

Our Offices

Scheduling an appointment with Orthodontics Limited is easy as we have 3 different offices in Center City, Philadelphia, Northeast Philadelphia and Hatboro, and Montgomery County. Our team can easily serve children, teens, and adults, throughout the greater Philadelphia area and serve areas including Center City, Rittenhouse Square, Queen Village, Old City, and Society Hill, among many more.

Patient Testimonials

Above all, our quality of care is attested to by our numerous patient testimonials. Our patients have routinely been impressed by the professionalism of our doctors and the quality of our orthodontic services. We take customer interaction seriously and our doctors are used to working one-on-one with patients to find a treatment plan that works for them.

Payment Plans & Insurance

At Orthodontics Limited, we believe that a person’s financial situation should not stand in the way of achieving a beautiful smile. Our practice offers a wide range of payment options, including financing with no initial payment and monthly installment plans. Our treatment coordinator will work with you to find a payment option suited to your financial situation. Our insurance team will also work with you to maximize the benefits of any orthodontic insurance plans you have.


So why choose Orthodontics Limited? We offer the top orthodontic care in the Philadelphia area and serve all of our patients with a smile (pun intended)! Our team of highly trained board-certified orthodontists have over 45+ years of experience combined and our practice has won numerous awards from publications in Philadelphia for orthodontic excellence. So if you are looking for braces, Invisalign, or any other kind of orthodontic care in Philadelphia, schedule a visit with us today!