Looking for Braces in Philadelphia or Suburbs

Looking for Braces in Philadelphia or Suburbs

You put it off for as long as you could, but it is time. You need braces. And while the thought of being stuck with a metal mouth for a few years is not pleasant, at least you know that at the end of it all you will have a straighter, more beautiful smile. Orthodontic treatment can seem every daunting but with the right orthodontist and the right type of treatment, you will see results a lot quicker than you might think.

Before choosing a treatment, make sure you understand what each treatment option entails. The traditional approach is metal braces which are a combination of metal and wires that are adhered to your teeth and slowly move your teeth into better alignment. Another option is Invisalign aligners which are clear and removable braces.

Here is what you should know about both:

Metal braces

  • These are permanently adhered to your teeth and can only be taken off by the orthodontist at the end of treatment
  • The orthodontist tightens the wires during treatment to help shift the teeth
  • There are certain food and drink restrictions with this treatment
  • May have to wear them for 3 or more years depending on how your treatment goes
  • Most bite and alignment issues can be treated by metal braces


  • They are clear plastic aligners that can be easily removed
  • Can be removed to eat and to brush and floss your teeth
  • Treatment includes a new set of aligners every two weeks as your teeth shift into proper alignment
  • Invisalign can also handle both simple and complicated alignment issues

Whatever type of braces you choose, the important thing is to correct the alignment issues you are having. The condition of your smile has a bigger impact on your life than you might realize. A straighter, more beautiful smile will:

Boost your self-confidence

Think how great it will feel when you no longer have to hide your mouth behind your hand when talking or take only tight-lipped photographs because of how you feel about the condition of your smile. You will also have more confidence at work and will find yourself getting that promotion you have wanted because you are no longer too embarrassed to be put in the spotlight. And of course you see a change in your romantic relationships as well because there is nothing more attractive than self-confidence. You will be surprised at how much a beautiful smile can change your outlook on life.

Improve your oral health

Crooked teeth or problems with your bite (malocclusion) can make it difficult to eat and speak, cause jaw pain or TMJ and can lead to overall bad oral hygiene. When your teeth are all crowded together, it can be real difficult to clean them properly, leading to more cavities and plaque build-up which increases your risk for periodontal disease and tooth loss. Don’t risk future problems down the line by ignoring your crooked teeth.

Improve your overall health

Poor oral hygiene can affect so much more than just the appearance of your mouth. Jaw pain can lead to headaches, and periodontal disease has been known to increase your risk of several chronic diseases including heart disease. Why risk your overall health over embarrassment with wearing braces?

Your orthodontist can help you determine which type of braces is best for your particular situation. They will identify your problem areas and help create a treatment plan for you. That is why picking an experienced orthodontist is crucial to an effective treatment.

If you are looking for braces in Philadelphia area, consider Orthodontics Limited.

Why choose Orthodontics Limited?

For the best results, you want an orthodontist who is experienced and has proven success in treating different alignment issues. Here is why Orthodontics Limited is one of the top orthodontists in Philadelphia.

Individualized attention

Drs. Pale, Gemmi and Middleberg know what a big difference a straighter smile can make in a person’s life. Not only does it help restore self-confidence, it makes it easier to practice proper oral hygiene so you have a healthy, beautiful smile for years to come. The staff at Orthodontics Limited also understand that each person’s situation is different so that is why they take the time to sit down with you and go over your options. They will create the best treatment plan for your particular needs.

A team that really cares

At Orthodontics Limited, Drs. Gemmi, Middleberg and Pale really care about you and your oral health. Cost for any orthodontic treatment can be a big factor for many people and some people opt out of it because they consider it a luxury purchase. But crooked teeth is more than an aesthetic issue. Crooked teeth and bite issues can cause tooth decay and gum issues as well as jaw issues later down the line. Maintaining your oral health is important so Orthodontics Limited will work with you to come up with an affordable plan. The staff at Orthodontics Limited is also very compassionate and friendly and will always greet you with a smile giving you comfort and peace of mind a priority during your visits to the office.

Experienced staff

Drs. Pale, Gemmi and Middleberg are certified by the American Board of Orthodontist and only perform orthodontic work every day making them experts are what they do. They are also an Invisalign Top 1% provider, which means they are one of only three dental practices in Pennsylvania to be given this distinction in 2014 and 2015.

Updated equipment and technology

If you have ever walked into a dentist’s office and felt like you walked back into the 70s, then you understand the importance of updated equipment and technology. It is hard to have confidence in an orthodontist who hasn’t stayed up-to-date on all the current technology and trends in orthodontics. Drs. Pale, Gemmi and Middleberg offer all the latest technology in their offices and they always stay current on important trends in their field.

The best way to know if a particular orthodontist is right for you is to meet with them face to face. How you feel in their offices, how the staff treats you and the orthodontist’s chairside manner can all be factors in how you feel about a particular orthodontist. Don’t be afraid to set up consultations at different places. Contact Orthodontics Limited today to find out why they are one of the top providers of braces in Philadelphia.