How to Choose the Color of Your Braces


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Like it or not, braces are part of your appearance. They are just as much a part of what you wear as the clothes that you choose. If your braces use bands, you probably will have the opportunity to choose what color of bands you want. But how do you pick? Most orthodontist let you choose from dozens of colors. Knowing which color you are going to pick before your options are even presented to you will make the adjustment go smoothly. Here’s how to choose the color of your braces.

1. Ask to look at the colors.

Most offices will have a range of color samples that you can look at in order to choose which one is right for you. While you might make a split second decision the first time these colors are presented to you, asking to look at the wheel or samples again, so that you have a better idea of what your options are in the future is a good idea. Keep in mind that as the brands are stretched across your braces, they will probably look a little bit brighter than they do in the sample.

2. Consider upcoming holidays or special events.

When choosing your colors, you might want to consider any upcoming holidays or special events in your life. For example, if the Fourth of July is coming up, you might choose red, white, and blue for your bands. If Halloween is the next major holiday, you might want orange and black. Most people have adjustments every six weeks, so keep this in mind when choosing your colors. Do you want to wear those holiday colors for the next six weeks? Another great option might be your school’s team color, if you are going to be attending a sporting event.

3. Pick colors based on your skin tone.

If, for example, you are an autumn, you might want to go with reds, oranges, and yellows, as these will look the best with your skin. If, however, you are a spring, baby blues and pinks might be the better option. Darker skin tones and hair often look good with jewel tones like purple, turquoise, emerald, and navy, while lighter skin tones often look better with bright colors. Because the bands on your braces become a part of your everyday style, you want to choose something that works with that style, instead of working against it.

4. Consider the clothes you wear.

The last thing you want to do is pick a color that clashes with the clothes that you often wear. For example, you probably do not want to choose green for your braces if you often wear reds and oranges. Take a look at your wardrobe and the clothes that you wear the most often. If your wardrobe is varied and it would be difficult to pick a color that goes with all of your clothes, you might opt, instead, for clear or white bands. However, you probably will have the option to pick a more neutral color like blue or black, which could go with just about everything you would wear.

5. Immediately rule out colors you would never choose.

While some people might like green on their braces, the truth is that green might look like you perpetually have lettuce stuck in your teeth. And while white might sound like the perfect option if you are not sure what color you want to pick, white bands can often make your teeth look yellow. Get rid of any color that you do not think would look good on your teeth or that might make it look like you actually have something stuck in your teeth, rather than just having braces. Most of all, rule out any color that you simply would not like to wear. Red might be a good option for some, but if you do not really like the color red, you’ll resent seeing it in the mirror every day.

6. Darker colors make your teeth look whiter.

If your goal is to make your teeth look as great as they can possible look, a darker color like blue or purpose is a great option. These darker colors will make your teeth look even whiter than they already are.

7. Talk to your orthodontist.

If you are having trouble picking a color, don’t be afraid to talk to your orthodontist. They probably know what colors are the most popular or can simply recommend a color based on what you are wearing or what school you attend. Keep in mind that this is a relatively small commitment. If you do not like the colors you’ve chosen immediately, they might grow on you. If the colors don’t grow on you, you only have to wear them for a few weeks before you can have them swapped out at your next orthodontist appointment.

8. Change your colors at each visit.

Don’t get into a color rut! Especially if you are just not sure what color works best for you, don’t be afraid to change up the colors every time you have an adjustment. Most treatments last an average of eighteen months, so you will have plenty of time to find a color that you like or to try all of the color options that your orthodontist has! Keep in mind that on top of the matte colors, you might also have metallic colors to choose from, which can be a great way to add a little bling to your teeth!

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