Carefully Clean Your Teeth Around Those Braces!

Do you have braces? Underneath all that metal, your beautiful pearly whites are shifting and inching closer each day toward an absolutely fantastic smile! Wouldn’t it be a shame, if once those braces came off, you had a bunch of cavities under there!? 

It would be a shame! So, don’t let that happen! 

Here at our practice, we care about your smile. All the gadgetry in your mouth—from the springs and the wires to the rubber bands and spacers— attract food and plaque. It is extra important for patients with braces to brush properly and to use floss and/or mouthwash. When plaque is left behind on your teeth and around your braces it can cause your gums to swell, your teeth to become discolored, chronic bad breath and even (sometimes) cavities.

Cleaning Your Braces The Right Way Is A Chore, But It’s Worth It

Millions and millions of people wear braces. If you, or your child, are one of them, be sure to take the time to pay attention to detail. Though it requires putting forth a little extra effort before bedtime…it will absolutely be worth it in the long run.

The purpose of today’s post isn’t to go over all the details of caring for teeth with braces. We just want to focus on cleaning them. Your orthodontist has likely already told you lots of do’s and don’ts. But here are a couple little reminders: avoid foods including taffy, caramels, and hard nuts, and don’t chew ice or bubble gum. Also, be careful with things that are hard to bite like bagels and apples.

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