Can Braces Make Morning Breath Worse?

N0 need to be embarassed! We all experience morning breath from time to time. Typically, our morning brushing routines get rid of it. But some people may experience worse morning breath while they have braces.

Morning Breath Is Primarily Caused By Dry Mouth

While general bad breath can have a variety of causes (diet, oral hygiene habits, even some systemic diseases), morning breath most often stems from dry mouth.

While you’re sleeping, saliva production slows. Your body does that to help you sleep—otherwise you’d be having to swallow all the time. Saliva is vital to your oral health because it rinses away food particles, makes your mouth less acidic, and helps keep mouth bacteria in check.

So when saliva stops doing its thing during sleep, the bacteria goes wild! This creates a massive amount of sulphur gas buildup that stinks! Gross, right? That’s another reason why it’s important to brush our teeth before bed—it helps at least start out our sleep period with minimal sugars and bacteria in our mouths.

If You Feel Like Braces Are Giving You Bad Breath

If you notice worse morning breath while you’re in braces, it may be a sign that you need to spend more time on your nightly brushing and flossing regimen! Ask our team for tips on ways to be more effective.

More Interesting and Relevant Info About Bad Breath

Tips For Combating Morning Breath

1. Always brush your teeth (and tongue) before going to sleep. And while you’re in braces, make sure to take special time getting rid of all the extra food debris.
2. Drink some water before you go to bed, and right after you wake up.
3. Clear your sinuses. Breathing through the nose helps some people not dry out so much.

But What If Morning Breath Lasts Beyond The Morning?

While you’re in braces, it can be tough to always clear out all that extra food. If you’re concerned about bad breath, try carrying around a dental hygiene kit. Always brush after eating, and bring along a little bottle of antibacterial mouth rinse.

If you have chronic bad breath, ask yourself if you’re up-to-date with your regular dental check-ups. Sometimes a good cleaning can help.

Questions? Just Ask!

We know that it can be an awkward conversation, but if you’re worried about bad breath, let us know. Our goal is always to help you in every way we can!

Thanks for being our valued patient. We appreciate you!