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How To Take Care Of Your Children’s Smiles

by Dr. Gemmi on May 4, 2011

  EVERY PARENT KNOWS THAT TAKING CARE OF THE SMALL MEMBERS OF THE FAMILY IS A FULL-TIME JOB. Along with diaper changes, bath time, and medical checkups, parents also need to take care of their children’s teeth. But what are the best ways to go about caring for teeth (and baby gums!) during those early years? Here are some of Dr. Gemmi and Dr. Middleberg’s thoughts on the matter… Birth To 18 Months: No Toothpaste Required! At Orthodontics Limited we believe, like most...

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Cavities On The Rise

by Dr. Gemmi on February 26, 2011

WHILE BOTTLED WATER CONSUMPTION HAS INCREASED, many believe the similar rise in cavities (especially in children) is more than just coincidence. There are other factors that play into this discussion, like the community in which you live. Some communities have floride in their water, while others promote floride supplements. We know that many orthodontic treatments mean closer watch on the teeth they are straightening. Having that beautiful new smile is even better when it happens cavity...

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