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COULD THERE BE A MAGICAL PLACE WHERE FRESH COW’S MILK FLOWS like cascading waterfalls? A gorgeous land where beautiful hair, healthy nails, perfect teeth, and the strongest muscles abound. Can drinking lots of milk be the answer to having perfect teeth your whole life?

We’re guessing, based on the video, that the dentists in Mootopia aren’t very happy! There just aren’t enough “bad teeth” because of all that milk drinking goin’ on! Of course, we don’t fill cavities here, but strong teeth really can make a difference in your experience with us too. Keeping your teeth healthy while you have braces on makes your smile even better when the braces are off.

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Well, for today we decided that we’d have some fun at Orthodontics Limited. Instead of just talking about orthodontics, we want you to go have a little fun on the internet. Share with the kids too! Having healthy teeth is a habit everyone should have fun with. Just click on the teeth below for a quick visit.

As always, thanks for being one of our valued friends and patients! And if you haven’t already had a chance, while you’re goofing around on the web check us out on Facebook. You can follow us there, join in on discussions, and keep informed of our promotions. Or follow us on Twitter for quick snippets from us.

We look forward to spending time with you the next time you visit.

And yes, we spent some time in Mootopia too. Check out our tooth chime skills, and then visit to see what you can do with them!

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