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Orthodontic treatment can feel like a long, drawn out, uncomfortable process. And although you know the end result of a straighter, more beautiful smile is worth it, it can feel like a daunting process at times.

Do you have a big event coming up that you would love to have your braces off by? Do you feel like you’ve had your braces on forever with no end in sight? While the length of orthodontic treatments vary for each person, there are certain things you can do to accelerate the teeth-straightening process.

The PROPEL® System is a micro-invasive procedure performed by Drs. Pale, Gemmi, or Middleberg to greatly reduce the time in which teeth are moved. Through a ground-breaking scientifically proven, patented process called Micro-osteoperforation™, the bones supporting the teeth are stimulated to induce an inflammatory response that greatly accelerates tooth movement in the treated area. When used during active treatment, your treatment time could be cut almost in half.

The PROPEL® System is relatively painless for the patient and can be performed in a matter of minutes. This procedure stimulates the bone growth that support the teeth and as a result, bone is remodeled more efficiently, subsequently moving teeth in the treated area by up to 50% faster.

Ultimately, the PROPEL® System makes Invisalign® and traditional braces more efficient. By stimulating the production of alveolar bone in the maxilla and mandible, the upper and lower jaw, the bone is better able to adjust to the shifting teeth.

This is especially important for adults who have less bone development, and whose teeth shift at a slower rate. Adults also tend to heal more slowly. The PROPEL® System can help with all of these factors.

There are also other ways to help accelerate your orthodontic treatment in conjunction with the PROPEL® System. Of course the most important thing is to follow your orthodontist’s instructions. When your braces are first put on, your orthodontist gives you a laundry lists of do’s and don’ts and tips for caring for your braces and your teeth during treatment.

These instructions are very important to follow because if you do not, you risk delaying your treatment. Eating food that can damage your braces, not cleaning your teeth properly and missing orthodontist appointments all can slow down the teeth straightening process.

Your teeth are put under a lot of pressure during the straightening process as it is, so it is important that you avoid any bad habits that cause any undue pressure like biting down hard on your teeth and grinding them. Some people have a nervous habit of doing this and it causes extra wear and tear on your teeth. If you notice that you do this, try relaxing your jaw when you feel it tightening up. If it happens a lot when you are sleeping, talk to your orthodontist about ways to prevent it.

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