3D Printed Retainers

Retainers provide several benefits for orthodontic patients. The retainers are often installed after braces to ensure that teeth will stay in place. Some patients need retainers without braces to push teeth back to make for a more attractive smile that fits the shape of the face. While there are several methods for getting impressions for retainers, new technology has introduced 3D printed retainers. Orthodontics Limited offers painless orthodondist 3D printed retainers to ensure patients aren’t uncomfortable throughout the treatment process and satisfied with their smiles. If you need to get braces or retainers, you can find the best services for Invisalign in Philadelphia at Orthodontics Limited.

Previous Retainer Impression Methods

One of the most unpleasant aspects of getting a retainer, braces, dentures or a dental bridge is having to get mouth impressions. Impressions are what orthodontists use to create a tailored mold to know which adjustments and tweaks are necessary to straighten a patient’s smile. One of the main reasons why people don’t like getting traditional impressions is because the process can cause gagging.

There are some methods orthodontists have used to reduce the gag reflex in patients, such as anesthetic spray. Orthodontists will spray the roof of the patient’s mouth with this substance, which takes away the feeling in the mouth temporarily. Once the spray is applied, a patient may not feel the impression tray. The orthodontist will also ensure that the impression material doesn’t go outside of the intended areas, since this can cause more gagging.

In the past, orthodontists will also use smaller trays to reduce the chances of gagging. Smaller trays are usually an option of the anesthetic spray doesn’t work. The smaller tray can also make for a more precise impression.

Using less product can keep patients from gagging too much as well. If too much molding product is in the tray, patients may choke, since they’ll have to hold their mouths in an unnatural position for a period of time.

While these adjustments have been more effective in making the impression process more bearable, using 3D technology for retainers is significantly more comfortable. This makes the ideal of getting a retainer more appealing for patients who have been thinking about straightening their teeth.

New Technology for Retainer Impression

Align Technology Inc, which is the company that manufacturers Invisalign, is one of the leaders in technology when it comes to 3D painless retainers and braces. Invisalign is continuing to grow in popularity and iTero 3D is the scanning system used to customize aligners to fit each patient’s mouth.

To create 3D retainers, digital images are taken of a patient’s mouth. A 3D printer is used for this process, and the retainer is printed on resin so that the image becomes an actual retainer. Patients who had braces as children or teenagers likely recall that they had to get impressions of their teeth in a jelly-like mold, which can be painful and uncomfortable. Due to technological advances in dental treatment, a scanning device is used to scan the mouth and covert the scans into digital images that are printed on a 3D printing device. The digital imaging is especially precise, so orthodontists will know right away how to accurately shape the retainer to ensure that the treatment is as effective as possible.

It’s important to note that sometimes additional treatments are necessary after a patient gets braces or retainers. The 3D printer can make night guards for patients to wear to continue correcting their smile in a more discreet manner. Orthodontists also use the printer to create bite splints for patients.

Benefits of 3D Printed Retainers

One of the main benefits of 3D printed retainers is that orthodontists can get the retainers to patients in a short time. Traditional impression methods required about a three-week time period for the impressions to be sent to a dental lab and transformed into customized retainer. With the 3D option, orthodontists can create a retainer for patients in less than three hours. 3D printed retainers are also more affordable for dental practices, which makes retainers cost-effectively for patients.

Since the braces printed on 3D printers are not made of metal, they can decrease the chances of tooth decay. Since braces and retainers were traditionally made of metal, they put significant pressure on the teeth. Dental devices that are printed using the 3D option are a gentler yet effective way of straightening the teeth. 3D printed retainers are also beneficial because patients won’t have to restrict the foods they eat like they would with metal braces. Simply removing the retainer before eating and brushing after a meal before putting the retainer back in can protect the teeth. This newer method for wearing retainers also allows patients to get the nutrition they need, including eating foods that are high in calcium and magnesium. These minerals are not only good for the bones, but can also strengthen the gums and teeth.

Retainers are often worn after orthodontic treatment such as alignment trays or traditional braces. After the braces are removed, the teeth are likely to move back to their original position if their new position isn’t reinforced with a retainer. Using a retainer can help patients make the most of their orthodontic treatment, since braces are a significant investment in your oral health. Patients should wear their retainer according to their orthodontist’s instructions. Retainers can be worn at night only or throughout the day for an extended period. In some cases, the orthodontist will bond a retainer to the underside of the teeth as a permanent and discreet way to keep teeth in place. The American Diabetes Association also asserts that poor oral health can make symptoms of diabetes worse. When you’re able to get your retainer sooner due to 3D technology, you can start improving your oral health sooner. It’s also important to continue practicing good oral hygiene should as brushing and flossing and wear your retainer correctly.

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