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Fun Facts about Orthodontics

by Dr. Gemmi on October 8, 2015

When most people think of orthodontic treatment, they don’t think “fun.” The results can be fun—having straighter teeth can make you more confident, happier, and healthier. The process itself, however, is rarely what most people think of as fun or interesting. There is usually discomfort, a little bit of pain, and a lot of appointments at your orthodontist’s office before the whole ordeal is over. That doesn’t mean, however, that braces can’t be fun. Don’t think there’s...

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Are You Using Mouthwash?

by Dr. Gemmi on February 9, 2012

EVEN THE MOST DILIGENT FLOSSERS AND BRUSHERS sometimes forget about the added benefits of mouthwash. But don't worry—even if you already brush, floss, AND rinse with mouthwash everyday, you’ll find this content useful. The affect that mouthwash has on your oral health is often dependent upon the type of mouthwash you use. So, before we get into the do’s and don’ts of choosing a mouthwash, let’s talk a little bit about why we recommend it. Not only can mouthwashes make our...

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Are Canker Sores Irritating Your Smile?

by Dr. Gemmi on January 17, 2012

CANKER SORES ARE NO FUN, ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU HAVE BRACES TO IRRITATE THEM. Fortunately, there are quite a few ways in which the pain from these bothersome blisters can be relieved. However, before we get into the best ways to treat canker sores, let's talk a bit about the causes. Though the exact cause is unknown, one theory suggests that canker sores can result from certain mouth washes and toothpastes that dry out the mouth. Try to avoid toothpastes with the ingredient sodium lauryl...

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A Home-Care Guide For Those Of You With Braces

by Dr. Gemmi on January 11, 2012

ARE YOU NEW TO BRACES AND ORTHODONTIC TREATMENT? If so, you probably have quite a few questions regarding personal care and maintenance. This week we thought it would be nice to provide all of our braces patients with an “At Home” guide. So, here is a list of everything you need to know about taking care of your braces when you're away from our office! Food: We recommend avoiding hard foods such as nuts, ice, whole apples, carrots, popcorn, ribs, taffy, caramels, bubble gum, etc. Each...

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I Don’t Have My Toothbrush, But I Have Cheese!

by Dr. Gemmi on December 2, 2011

HOLIDAY SHOPPING, NEIGHBORHOOD PARTIES, seasonal shows, and sledding are all fun winter activities. However, most of us don't bring along our toothbrush and floss when we're out and about... So, here are a few ways you can prevent cavities while you're away from home... Crunchy fruits and vegetables such as apples, carrots,  cucumbers, and celery can help to mechanically clean food debris and bacteria from your teeth. In addition, fruits such as cranberries, blueberries, and apples...

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‘Tis The Season To Be Thankful!

by Dr. Gemmi on November 25, 2011

CAN YOU BELIEVE THANKSGIVING HAS ALREADY COME AND GONE!? Here at our practice we love this time of year and the wonderful spirit it brings. A whole day dedicated to gratitude and humility—what an amazing holiday to participate in each year! Here are a few, fun “Thanksgiving Facts” that you may not know: Turkey contains an amino acid that makes you sleepy—however, it’s the combination of that AND all the carbs and fats we consume that leave us all napping on the couch...

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The Value Of Modern-Day Orthodontics

by Dr. Gemmi on October 18, 2011

A THOUSAND YEARS AGO, ancient Greeks began experimenting with cat guts and base metals in an attempt to improve smiles! Though approaches to straightening teeth (and thankfully, materials) have dramatically changed since then, the goal has remained the same—help each of our valued patients achieve a gorgeous, healthy smile! Fortunately, cat guts have been replaced with sanitary materials, and you can rest assured that the job of shaping your new smile is in the hands of a gifted,...

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An Overview About Removable Appliances

by Dr. Gemmi on October 13, 2011

HAS A MEMBER OF OUR TEAM ASKED YOU TO WEAR A “REMOVABLE APPLIANCE” either before your orthodontic treatment begins, or in addition to your braces? If so, we promise that we aren’t just trying to fill your mouth with “extra stuff” just for fun! There are very specific reasons why your overall treatment may include a removable appliance. Let us explain... Generally, your conventional braces are designed to straighten your teeth and removable appliances are designed to help...

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Some Myths & Facts About Orthodontics

by Dr. Gemmi on August 19, 2011

WHEN IT COMES TO ORTHODONTICS, THERE ARE SOME MISCONCEPTIONS out there that leave some patients confused and misinformed. So, here at Orthodontics Limited we decided to throw a few myths out and set the record straight—giving you our thoughts on the reality behind these ideas. Myth #1: Braces are for kids. Fact: In actuality, 1 out of every 5 orthodontic patients is an adult. Myth #2: Orthodontists are only needed for super complex and challenging cases. Fact: Orthodontists have...

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Dreaming Of A Red Carpet Smile?

by Dr. Gemmi on June 10, 2011

NOT EVERYONE IS LUCKY ENOUGH TO BE BORN WITH A PERFECT SMILE. In fact, most of us aren’t born with one...That’s where orthodontic treatment here at our practice comes into play. Not only are braces the most common solution for crooked-teeth problems—they have actually become somewhat of a trend that even some of the most popular celebrities are sporting! Even the rich and famous have to deal with imperfect teeth. However, when celebrities have braces, they typically don’t hide them...

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