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What is the Best Age for an Orthodontic Checkup?

by Dr. Gemmi on July 31, 2017

When you think of the most common age for wearing braces, you probably picture the pre-teen and teen years. If you have spent any time in middle schools or high schools, you tend to see a lot of kids sporting one of the many orthodontic options available today including the traditional metal braces and Invisalign aligners. Orthodontic care should start a lot earlier than this though. What is the Best Age for an Orthodontic Checkup? According to the American Association of Orthodontists,...

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Why Ignoring Your Overbite Can Lead to a Slippery Slope

by Dr. Gemmi on July 28, 2017

It is truly amazing how the human body works. Every part or system in our bodies is interconnected and when one is off line you can feel the effects in more than just the initial trouble spot. Take for instance your teeth. Many people see the appearance of their smile to just be an aesthetic thing, but how your smile looks can affect not only your oral health but also your facial structure as well as your overall health. While your overbite might seem like it is just a small physical...

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Why the Timing of Loss of Baby Teeth Matters to Your Smile

by Dr. Gemmi on July 27, 2017

What’s all the fuss about baby teeth, you make ask. They are not permanent so does it really matter when your child loses them? Actually it does and that is why proper oral hygiene is so important for your child even as a baby.What’s all the fuss about baby teeth, you make ask. They are not permanent so does it really matter when your child loses them? Actually it does and that is why proper oral hygiene is so important for your child even as a baby. Baby teeth, referred to as the...

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8 Reasons Not to Try DIY Braces

by Dr. Gemmi on July 26, 2017

Let’s face it. Orthodontic work is not cheap. And if you and your child needs braces, you might be tempted to try this new fad in DIY braces. There is DIY everything these days, right? What exactly are DIY braces you might be asking? Simply it means that you fabricate them on your own like a college student who reached internet fame with his DIY 3-D printed braces that cost him only $60 to make. Others who don’t have the same resources as this college student have used every day items...

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Am I a Good Candidate for Lingual Braces?

by Dr. Gemmi on July 25, 2017

Today’s orthodontic treatments are a lot more diverse than you remember from your youth. While metal braces are still very common, there are a lot more options than there used to be. One of those other options is lingual braces, which are braces that are adhered to the back of your teeth (the lingual or tongue side) instead of the front of the teeth making them less visible, practically invisible. With lingual braces, the brackets, wires and even the elastics are all mounted to the...

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9 Tips for Making Braces More Affordable

by Dr. Gemmi on July 25, 2017

Most of us are not born with naturally straight teeth. It is up to our genetics and we don’t have control, but what we do have control over is what we can do to improve our oral health. Wearing braces for a few years is the best way to get that straight healthy smile you have always wanted, but for a lot of people the cost gets in the way. Traditionally braces can run from anywhere from 3,000 to 7,000 and if you have multiple kids that need braces that could really put a dent in your...

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orthodontics in philadelphia

Your Guide to Orthodontics in Philadelphia

by Dr. Gemmi on June 28, 2017

Has your dentist told you that you need to see an orthodontist for treatment, but you are nervous because you don’t know what to expect or how to find the best orthodontist in Philadelphia? Don’t worry. Knowledge is power. Here is your guide to Orthodontics in Philadelphia: What is Orthodontics Orthodontics is a special branch of dentistry that focuses on the alignment of your teeth and jaw. Orthodontists use devices and appliances to reposition teeth and remodel the bone underneath....

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candidate for accelerated orthodontics

Am I a Good Candidate for Accelerated Orthodontics?

by Dr. Gemmi on June 26, 2017

In our fast-paced society, we want everything instantaneously so the thought of a wearing braces for a couple of years probably seems like a tortuous proposition. While good things like a beautiful smile are certainly worth waiting for, what if you could speed up the teeth straightening process? Accelerated Orthodontics is when additional treatment is added to the braces to help get you to a straighter, more beautiful smile. There are different types of accelerated orthodontics that your...

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play sports braces

Can You Play Sports With Braces?

by Dr. Gemmi on June 23, 2017

Keeping your child safe is your number one priority so when your sports-loving kid was told he or she needed braces, your first thought probably was, is it safe to play sports with braces? While your child’s mouth will need extra protection from blunt trauma when he or she is wearing braces, there are effective ways to keep your child safe without having to give up on sports for a while. So can you play sports with braces? The answer would be a resounding Yes! Talk to the orthodontist...

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shouldnt ignore crooked teeth

8 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Crooked Teeth

by Dr. Gemmi on June 22, 2017

Crooked teeth are so much more than an aesthetic issue, but too often people think about forgoing correcting it because they don’t have the money to fix something that is just related to their appearance. When you are worried about making ends meet each month, it can seem impossible to have the resources to invest in orthodontic work for either you or your child. But crooked teeth have a way of impacting many more aspects of your life than you realize and by correcting dental issues, you...

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