7 Reasons Even Small Alignment Issues Can Impact Your Dental Health

by Dr. Gemmi on November 29, 2017

Orthodontic work can be expensive so you might be tempted to brush off your one or two crooked teeth or small alignment issue as merely cosmetic. That one crooked tooth gives you character, right? Crooked teeth, even the smallest of imperfections, can lead to dental problems. Here are 7 reasons even small alignment issues can impact your dental health: Harder to Clean Teeth The biggest issue with crooked teeth is that because the teeth are all jammed into one another, it is harder to...

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How to Take a Good Holiday Pic While Wearing Braces

by Dr. Gemmi on November 27, 2017

The holidays are fast upon us and you know what that means, right? The family holiday photo. An event you tend to dread every year, but this year in particular because now you are wearing braces. Having braces on your teeth can make you feel self-conscious when it is photo time, but unfortunately there is no way to avoid it so might as well embrace it. Make holiday photos with braces a fun experience with these quick tips: Keep It Clean While you can’t do anything about the braces...

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9 Tips for Decorating for the Holidays

by Dr. Gemmi on November 24, 2017

Halloween has barely ended when everywhere you look you start to see stores, business and homes getting ready for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. If you are like it me, it can feel like a little too much too soon. Before you hand in the green tinsel and refuse to decorate at all because you can never keep up, remember that the holidays are about enjoying time with family and friends and not with keeping up with the Joneses. There are plenty of creative ways to decorate for the...

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Why Lack of Sleep Is Dangerous to Your Dental Health

by Dr. Gemmi on November 22, 2017

Modern life is hectic. Between work, family, friends and ever present social media, it can seem like there is no down time to relax and get a good night’s sleep every night. Many of us actually wear our lack of sleep as a badge of honor proving how successful and popular we are. This lack of sleep however is actually very dangerous to our dental health. Lack of Sleep Linked to Periodontitis Studies have shown that the amount of sleep you get every night is directly connected to the...

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Plan Ahead When It Comes to Your Kid’s Braces

by Dr. Gemmi on November 21, 2017

Finding out your child needs braces can feel like bad news, with worries about money and possible complications. If you plan properly, however, for the possibility of your children needing orthodontic treatment it can become a positive experience that you will be grateful you can give your child. You may be asking yourself, what is the use of spending all this time planning for something that may or may not happen? When you got so much on your plate already, why stress yourself...

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14 Thanksgiving Events Happening in the Hatboro Area

by Dr. Gemmi on November 16, 2017

Right after giving out the last of the Halloween candy, it seems like we are already to kick off the holiday season. Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for all we have and to start ringing in the holidays. And, spending time with family and friends is a big part of that. Luckily there are lots of fun Thanksgiving events going on to bring everybody together. Here are 14 Thanksgiving events happening in the Hatboro Area: Hatboro Annual Thanksgiving Parade On Sunday, November 19, 217,...

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7 Ways to Take Back Control of Your Health

by Dr. Gemmi on October 23, 2017

If you have been feeling run down and stressed lately and have too many aches and pains to name them all, you are probably feeling like you have lost control of your health. Don’t worry though there is always a way to take time for you. It is too important not to. Here are 7 ways to take back control your health: Exercise, Exercise, Exercise There is too much evidence now on the mental and physical health benefits of exercise to deny it. This doesn’t mean you have to become a gym...

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4 Reasons to Get an Orthodontist’s Second Opinion

by Dr. Gemmi on October 19, 2017

You have probably heard a few orthodontist horror stories from friends and families, stories of spending so much money and not getting the results you were promised, or the development of tooth decay and jaw issues because there was an error in treatment. Getting braces or any orthodontic treatment really is a big investment of time and money not to mention that your health could be at risk if things go wrong so never ever feel guilty about wanting a second opinion. The first...

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Why Rushing Your Orthodontic Treatment May Be a Mistake

by Dr. Gemmi on October 19, 2017

No one wants to spend years in braces, but when you have noticeable crooked teeth or bite issues, you know it is something you have to endure in order to get that healthier, more beautiful smile you have always wanted. Luckily there are some accelerated options that can speed things up for you, but will rushing your orthodontic treatment end up being a mistake? Accelerated Treatment First here are the most common methods of accelerating the straightening of your teeth: AcceleDent is a...

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When Is Too Early to Put Your Kid in Braces?

by Dr. Gemmi on October 17, 2017

Braces have always seemed to be a rite of passage for our middle school and maybe high school years, but it may surprise you to learn that orthodontic care starts a lot earlier. The recommended age for an initial orthodontic evaluation is around 7 years old. Does that mean a 7 year old should get braces? It is actually more complicated than that. When is too early to put your kid in braces? At around 7 years of age, your child’s first adult teeth will start to come in so this is why...

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